To help you as soon as possible to fix your reported bug, we kindly ask you to read this article first and send us the information we need to solve your bug.

Basic Information

The more you tell us the better!

Let's start with the following details:

  • Describe your bug in a few words for example: when I try to add a customer, it shows the following error: this user X already exists.

  • Give us background information: But there is not user X

  • Source URL: for example

  • What steps did you perform: 1. click the add customer button 2. fill in customer information 3. press the submit button.

Technical Information

The PayRequest Engineering Team loves technical information!

You can share the following information:

  • Browser: Like Chrome or Firefox (+ if you share your version)

  • Date/TIme: To check our log files, please give us a time indication

  • Screenshot: Make a screenshot of the page of your erorr, no error? please make a brower console log:

How to open your browser console:

  • Chrome: You can show this by going to View > Developer > Javascript Console.

  • Safari: Go to Develop > Show Error Console.

  • Firefox: Right click on the page and click "Inspect Element."

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