Connect PayRequest with Zapier

Zapier is an online integration app that helps you connect different apps together and sync actions between them. The PayRequest app for Zapier enables you to connect and extract subscription related information such as invoices, payments, etc. from over 1000+ online applications. It helps you automate workflows and increase productivity with ease.

Zapier Terminologies:

  • Zap: A link between two apps.

  • Trigger: An even for zaps, for example, a new invoice in Xero for every new payment in PayRequest.

  • Action: An event that completes a Zap. Going with the above example, the New invoice is the action.


You can now use our in app (in beta) via:

Please send feedback and issues to: [email protected]

Supported Triggers



New Payment

Triggers when someone has paid one of your requests or personal link.

Supported Actions

Trigger Name


Create Request

Create a request and get the url returned

Need some action or trigger? please tell us via [email protected]

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