What are Dynamic Payment Links?

In our Dashboard, you can create payment links, but with your own personal payment page, you can create payment requests without creating, just via a custom URL.

Save time with creating payment links, just use dynamic links like: payrequest.me/name/12,50 or even payrequest.me/12,50/title/email

Examples Dynamic Payment Links




This is your payment page, for example: payrequest.me/hostingwalk


Amount (will use default currency)


Amount (and USD currency) can be changed to any currency like EUR(euro) or PND(Pound).


Payment method Credit Card & amount of 5,99 ( don't miss the pay thats in front! )


Amount & custom note


Amount, currency & custom note.

payrequest.me/name/5,40/invoice-534/[email protected]

Amount, custom note & e-mail of a customer.

payrequest.me/name/USD/5,40/invoice-534/[email protected]

Amount, custom note, currency & e-mail of a customer.

payrequest.me/name/5,40/invoice-534/john/[email protected]

Amount, custom note, name & e-mail of a customer.

payrequest.me/name/USD/5,40/invoice-534/john/[email protected]

Amount, custom note, currency, name & e-mail of a customer.

Do you miss any usefull combinations or have a question about them? Don't hesitate to contact us!

You can use the following payment methods:

  • /creditcard

  • /ideal

  • /mistercash (not yet supported as fast-link)

  • /bancontact (not yet supported as fast-link)

  • /eps (not yet supported as fast-link)

  • /giropay (not yet supported as fast-link)

  • /p24 (not yet supported as fast-link)

  • /sofort (not yet supported as fast-link)

You can claim your own username in Dashboard -> Payment Page

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